Basic Tips On Cologne

Your image is all about the non-verbal communication within the 10 seconds of meeting someone new, way you walk, your dressing sense, your grooming game and your smell.

Here are a few tips on where i think most people go wrong.

  • Less is more – Always try and apply not more than 2-4 quirts, try to understand the fragrance you are wearing.

  • Apply to pulse points – Your pulse points are your neck area, wrists, ears. The blood flow at pulse points is very strong and spreads the scent well.
  • Change it periodically – Keep changing your fragrance, just don’t stick to one (the one you love). It’s worth taking the advantage of new colognes and switching up a bit.

  • Rotating between fragrances – Colognes are important part of our outfit. Take it as a shoe, we need to change different shoes for different outfits. Similarly use 2-3 colognes at a time.

Though, Fragrance is an invisible part of our personal style but it has a significant effect on how people see and remember you.

I hope you guys learned something out of it, if any questions pop in your head feel free to leave a comment below…

I would love to hear your suggestions.


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